Enjoying sunset on Doberdò’s lake

Today 12/02/2019 I was kayaking in a seasonal lake near my home.
It is a rare example of a karstic lake without surface rivers that act as tributaries and emissaries. The waters flow in it through the resurgences and underground rivers in addition to the rainfall; the outflow is instead guaranteed by underground cavities and evaporation.


I think that this was one of the best places I found in Ibiza, after well known Es Vedra. Sadly I don’t remember the name of this spot, but it was so beautiful.

Finnaly the flying season begins again! I waited for a long time a better weather conditions, but now we are here! This shot was taken over a Slovenian city called Ajdovscina, we flew in formation till the Italian border.


One of the best views, there was a lot to walk but it was worth it! I’m constantly looking for a beautiful places like this, to take photos, to enjoy the view and to feel free.

I love so much to explore new far places, even if this means walking for 20 km in the snow blizzards and temperatures below freezing point. But my goal is to see every inch of our earth.

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