When I was a little child

I was always looking for new places to discover, new strong emotions to try and many other things. In a few words I could say that I was always looking for adrenaline, and growing up in the countryside helped me a lot to develop that sense of adventure that I have now. It’s not for everyone to travel alone. But I never thought that once I reached 22, I would start traveling around the world. All this started very quickly that I didn’t even notice the changes. 

My first time

I went on a solo trip, was on Tenerife Island. I had already traveled a lot, but always with friends or family. Tenerife was my first experience where I had to learn how to manage myself. This new experience opened my mind. There was where I made the discovery of the freedom of traveling alone. You are more likely to meet new people, and you can do whatever you want without anyone telling you anything and many many other things that I’m not going to list here, otherwise, it would be really long. 

But before starting this journey

I did a lot of different jobs, obviously to earn some money to buy the equipment and to cover the travel costs. I never liked working for others, I felt always like I was in a cage. I’m pretty stubborn and can’t stand to receive orders from others so I was already with the intention that I will work for just some time to earn and then bye. Maybe I didn’t do the right thing to leave like this, also because the pay was good, but doing the same thing every day wasn’t for me. So I quit my last job and from that day, my adventure began…


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